BTS's Military Future: From Basic Training to Special Mission Units


After BigHit confirmed that the remaining BTS members' military enlistment process has started and they will soon enlist, all eyes turned to the idols who are about to fulfill their mandatory military services. 

On November 30, Korean media revealed new updates regarding BTS members' military enlistments. According to the news updates, RM and V are scheduled to start their basic training at Nonsan Center on December 11. However, RM and Kim Taehyung's military units vary from each other since Taehyung has been selected for the Special Mission Unit of the ROK Army’s Capital Defense Command. RM will join the Nonsan training center as a regular active-duty soldier.

According to netizens, to work in the division where Taehyung is rumored to be recruited, one must have a high IQ level and strong mental prowess. Even after becoming a member of SDT, Taehyung will receive intensive training and will have to work on missions during the training with intensive efforts. The Special Task Force (Special Mission Unit) of the military police of the Capital Defense Command, an anti-terrorism unit, works under the direct control of the president of South Korea.

This unit is also known as SDT.

"SDT stands for Special Duty Team, which is a military police unit deployed at the headquarters, corps, and division levels of each military unit to carry out the initial response to violent crimes or counter-terrorism operations, arrest armed deserters within the military, special operations, and mobile strikes in urban areas. It is referred to as a ‘special mission unit’” (@Taeguide on X).

After three members started their mandatory training, other members also started their application process a few months back. During the Layover listening party, Taehyung gave some spoilers regarding his military selection process. He stated that he is excited about passing his military exams and undergoing the selection process. He also had an interview for SDT two days before his solo fan meeting.

Fans, upon hearing Taehyung's selection for the SDT unit, took their time to praise their favorite idol for choosing what he wants to do instead of doing nothing. Also, according to reports, Taehyung’s close friend Park Hyun Sik also served in the SDT forces during his military service.

Meanwhile, Jimin and Jungkook will start their basic training at the New Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon on December 12, where BTS's eldest member Jin is currently serving as an assistant instructor.

However, BigHit has not confirmed any information regarding members' enlistments or their units officially.

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