CEO JIN : BTS's Jin Launches Exclusive Brand During Enlistment


BTS member Jin, who enlisted in the army last December, surprised fans by starting his own brand despite being under military management. Even though he's unable to engage in independent business activities, it seems Jin found a way to share something special with his fellow BTS members.

Jin's brand got registered just before his enlistment, and now his products are making their way to the rest of the group. Curious about what Jin is offering and how to get your hands on it? Well, it's a bit challenging, but let's dive into the details.

Despite the whole group being in the military, BTS is making sure their fans, known as ARMYs, don't feel left out. From Jimin's Christmas song to documentaries, books, and V's birthday song, there's a lot in store for the fans.

Adding to the excitement, j-hope recently returned to Instagram, sharing intriguing images, including a bottle of wine with a unique label that caught fans' attention. The label reads, "To my special people/Made by Jin," surprising everyone.

This wine is part of Jin's own brand, and he crafted it using a recipe he learned from a traditional Korean liquor-making expert named Park Rok Dam. Back in December, Korean media buzzed about Jin's decision to build a winery, making it legally possible to share the wine he made on the TV show
"The Drunken Truth."

Jin's winery went through all the necessary legal procedures while he was in the army, and the wine matured. Now, Jin is sharing it with his BTS members and close ones. Although he can't sell it commercially right now due to military restrictions, fans are hopeful that in the future, Jin might expand and let everyone enjoy his crafted wine.

What makes Jin's wine brand special is that it's not just any wine. Master Park Rok Dam has thoroughly verified and managed it. The label on Jin's alcohol bottle, "Honey Jar of Butterfly," includes the phrase "flames in the water(물에 가둔 )," symbolizing "Park Rokdam's style(박록담류)." This indicates the master's approval of the taste, ensuring high-quality liquor.

Chef Baek Jong Won, who introduced Park Rok Dam to Jin, shared that after '
Drunken Truth,' Jin was inspired to create his own alcohol brand. By starting a distillery before enlisting, Jin could legally brew and mature the wine. Jin's passion for sharing his creations aligns with his desire to announce his wine legally.

In a Weverse Live session, Jin mentioned his love for giving alcohol to BTS members and ARMYs. With his winery, he's now fulfilling this wish, even during his time in the army. Fans are eager to savor this limited-edition product, appreciating Jin's dedication to his wine brand and the thoughtfulness behind sharing it with those closest to him.

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