Love Across Distances: How Umi and V Connected, Starting with a DM, Leading to a Song


On December 11, American singer Umi chatted with RIFF about her upcoming song with Kim Taehyung. She confirmed the collab by posting a video of V singing on her Instagram the same day, saying it felt destined for people who resonate with its meaning.

Talking about the collab, Umi couldn't spill the song's name but shared V's love for her music. She slid into his DMs, expressing gratitude for his support. Their music chats led to the idea of making a song together.

The collab happened organically. Umi sent V a bunch of songs, he picked one, and then recorded it. The song will feature both their voices, and with V heading for military service on December 11, fans can relate to its theme of long-distance love.

Umi hopes the song brings comfort, not just about romantic love, but all kinds of love. Inspired by her grandma in Japan, she initially wrote about long-distance feelings, but it evolved to include everyone. Fans are thrilled, expecting a masterpiece from this duo.

V teased the collab on November 21 via Instagram, calling it a major spoiler. BIGHIT MUSIC announced the track, 'Wherever U R,' on December 26, set to release before V's December 30 birthday.

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