New Collaboration Alert: Kim Taehyung Gives Spoilers About His Upcoming Brand Collaboration Minutes Before Enlistment


In the realm of Kpop idols, V consistently ranks as one of the most influential celebrities. Renowned not only as a sought-after star by elite fashion and jewelry brands but also admired in various industries, V is now set to be unveiled as the face of a beverage brand.Even though they haven't officially said it, people are already curious about the product because of V.

Fans, especially ARMYs, are surprised and excited about this news. They found out that V had hinted about it before his enlistment. Korean media talks about how V is a "fashion icon" ever since he became the ambassador for Celine. He did things like photo shoots, appeared in a store in Seoul, had VIP dinners, and posted a lot on social media.

After Celine, many luxury brands wanted V, but only Cartier and Sim Invest got him. Cartier said he's their latest ambassador, and Sim Invest called him an international brand representative. They got a lot of benefits from working with V.

Even during his military service, V kept boosting sales for Celine, Cartier, and Sim Invest. And now, fans found out he's not just working with these three brands. He's also becoming the exclusive model for Compose Coffee, a company with over 2,200 stores in Korea. The official announcement is coming early next year. The collaboration supposed to start in January, and they might even release some products.

Notably, V, known for his aversion to the bitter taste of coffee, has made a unique and intriguing choice to become the advertising model for Compose Coffee, adding an interesting twist to this new chapter in his career.

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