Kim Taehyung's Solo Success: 'For Us' Hits 100 Million Streams, Solidifying His Popularity


Kim Taehyung, stage name V from the world's biggest boy band BTS, after the hiatus members released their solo albums, V’s solo album ‘Layover’ broke numerous world musical records and is still making waves. So recently, ‘For Us’ has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. This achievement confirms Taehyung's popularity as a solo performer. This is the fourth track on his debut solo album that he has reached this incredible milestone with.

Kim Taehyung’s solo track is the 8th solo song since his debut in 2013 to reach 100 million streams on Spotify. Previous solos, ‘Sweet Night’, ‘Christmas Tree’, and ‘It’s Definitely You’, reached 100 million streams and more before he released his solo debut album.

Pop and R&B musical elements are captivatingly combined in the song "For Us." Taehyung's vocals fit these musical genres flawlessly as he effortlessly mixes between gorgeous falsettos and deep low notes, mesmerising listeners with his undeniable talent and charisma.

Taehyung has created music videos for all songs included in his album, and the music video for ‘For Us’ offers viewers beautiful memories as he enjoys his life surrounded by beautiful people. Additionally, Taehyung has showcased his performances of ‘For Us’ on popular music shows like ‘Music Bank’ and ‘Tiny Desk Korea’, where he performed alongside a live band, further showcasing his versatility and stage presence.

This achievement is well-deserved, and Taehyung’s immense popularity and influence in the music industry captivate audiences worldwide with his exceptional talent and creativity.

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