The Return of BTS's Kim Seokjin: Celebrations and Controversies


Celebrating Jin's Return

How are you, Army? Hope all of you are doing well. Today, we delve into the recent controversies surrounding BTS's oldest member, Kim Seokjin, and his military discharge. After almost one and a half years of military service, Kim Seokjin, also known as Seokjin or "Worldwide Handsome," has returned to restart his music career. This moment has been eagerly awaited by millions of BTS fans worldwide.

A Grand Event

To celebrate Jin’s return from the military, he organized a special event marking both BTS's 11th anniversary and his return. The event took place at Seoul's Jamsil Sports Complex and saw the participation of 1,000 ARMYs. During the event, Seokjin performed his solo songs and even danced to Jungkook’s hit song “Seven,” delighting his fans.

The Reality of K-Pop

K-pop is an industry where beautiful and talented individuals showcase their skills to earn a living. However, reality often presents challenges. During Jin’s fan meeting, numerous controversies arose concerning the behaviors of both fans and idols.

The Fans' Perspective 1

Understanding the Excitement

As a K-pop fan, I can empathize with the excitement of seeing your favorite person in front of you. The same sentiment applies to the fans who won tickets to Jin’s fan meeting. After one and a half years, fans finally had the opportunity to meet their idol for the first time. Their excitement was palpable as they hugged their favorite person in the world.

Emotional Reactions

When fans approach their idol, do you think they consider the feelings of others? Probably not—they might even forget to breathe. That’s human nature: we get excited when experiencing long-awaited moments, like dreams coming true. Some fans reported a few ARMYs who became emotional and kissed the idol.

Boundaries and Reality

On June 14, the Seoul Songpa Police Station announced that a report had been filed charging fans who tried to kiss Jin of sexual harassment and breaking the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. The police, who received complaints through the National Petition Platform, want to analyse the contents of the report before deciding whether to launch a formal inquiry.

The plaintiff 'A' wrote on an online fan community site, "In the middle of Jin's offline fan meeting with 1000 fans in celebration of his military discharge, it was reported that some fans attempted sexual harassment, which upset me as a fan of BTS' music." Those who sexually abused Jin must be quickly investigated and punished under Article 11 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

Fans who sue a few ARMYs, whether girls or boys, should reconsider going that far. No, just try to understand that they are lucky to meet their favorite person. Accept the reality: some may be fortunate enough to achieve their dreams, while others may not. Images show two different girls kissing the idol’s neck out of excitement, with the idol’s face showing discomfort. However, I try to understand the emotions of the girls who tried to kiss the idol because we are all human and have emotions and feelings. Despite the idol’s reactions seeming a bit uncomfortable, he never showed anger or disrespect to the fans. He respectfully handled the situation with full understanding of his fans. If the idol felt uncomfortable or disrespected, his guards and managers would handle it. They didn't file complaints against those fans, nor did they comment on the incident when it occurred.

Consequences of Actions

Consider the fans who were arrested because they became emotional with their favorite artist after waiting so long. Isn’t that unfair? That day could have been the best day of their lives, but some jealous individuals ruined it. Now, they might face a bad reputation or discrimination because of this incident.

The Fans’ Perspective 2

Respect and Boundaries

When meeting your favorite artist or idol, remember to keep your distance and know your limitations. However, a few fans crossed their lines and did unexpected things during the fan event.

Some argue that people should behave respectfully when given the chance they’ve waited for. Be grateful for the opportunities you receive while millions of others are still waiting. Control your feelings, remember where you are, and understand what is appropriate and what is not.

These past weeks have highlighted two different perspectives, and I wanted to take the time to discuss them. Share your thoughts below, and we can continue the discussion about what you think.

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