Breaking: G-Dragon Officially Leaves YG Entertainment


G-Dragon has officially parted ways with his long-term agency, YG Entertainment. As a member of the famous boyband Bigbang, G-Dragon debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment. However, he recently faced drug-related charges, and after a police investigation, the court decided that the idol was not guilty of any drug-related allegations, clearing his name.

G-Dragon's contract with YG Entertainment expired earlier this year in June. However, the agency didn't confirm anything regarding contract renewal until today, except for sharing that they would continue collaborating with the artist for his advertisements and other projects. After several ups and downs in his artistic career over the last few months, he has decided to leave YG Entertainment.

Officially confirming the news, YG Entertainment has released a statement on Bigbang’s official website:

"This is YG Entertainment. G-Dragon has been one of the representative artists of our agency, and the time spent with him since his debut with BIGBANG in 2006 has been an honor. We sincerely wish G-Dragon success in his new endeavours and ask fans for lots of cheer and support. 

Thank you."

However, G-Dragon has not confirmed his new agency, but Galaxy Corporation is reported to be in talks earlier this month. The company will hold a press conference to officially announce the news after completing all the necessary legal work.

Until then, we wish G-Dragon the best in his new chapter and future endeavours.

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