Kim Taehyung's Impact: $4.6 Million Deal with Compose Coffee Breaks the Internet


Compose coffee with V

Once again, BTS's Kim Taehyung (V) has showcased his massive influence as an idol by securing an almost $4.6 million deal for his upcoming beverage collaboration.

On December 20, Kim Taehyung went viral on the internet due to his upcoming commercial. Over the past few weeks, there were rumors that BTS's Kim Taehyung had signed a contract with the South Korean second-largest coffee franchise known as 'COMPOSE COFFEE' to be the face of their advertisements, celebrating the company's 10th anniversary. On December 20, the company confirmed that Taehyung had filmed advertisements for them before his enlistment. The ads and promotional banners will be displayed in South Korea from mid-December to January. The advertisements will air on Korean television, YouTube, and official websites of the company, both online and offline for outdoor advertising.

The talk started after X user (@taeguide) revealed that the advertising cost for hiring Taehyung as the new model for Compose Coffee was 6 billion KRW (4.6 million USD). To select Taehyung, according to the company's laws, the company had to seek the consent of franchisees, and 75% agreed to select Taehyung as their model. The total advertising cost is 6 billion won, with the headquarters paying 4 billion won and the franchisees paying 2 billion won. About 80,000 won per month X 12 months X 2400 (the number of stores worldwide), which means every store owner has to pay 72,000 won ($55.30) per month for advertising and 960,000 won (about $740) per year. Furthermore, according to sources, these costs are for advertising, not all for Taehyung.

Compose Coffee is the most beloved beverage brand in South Korea. The company is known for being fair and cost-friendly for customers, offering discounts and special offers for takeout orders and size upgrades. The franchise has almost spread all over the country, with more than 2500 branches.

The company stated that even though the cost for the advertisement featuring Taehyung is more expensive than their budget, they still wanted to work with him because of his massive impact on the entertainment industry. They acknowledge how much impact BTS has on their country, and choosing Taehyung as their brand face will provide them with massive promotion worldwide, even if the price is beyond their budget.

After hearing the news, Taehyung's fans felt thrilled and proud of their idol. They expressed their thoughts through social media and are looking forward to watching Taehyung's new commercial with Compose Coffee.

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