From Scandal to Reinstatement: Does RM Deserve This Unfairness?


On December 12, 2023, something surprising happened: Mr. Yoon, who works at Korail and was accused of getting into BTS's RM's personal information, got his job back after a retrial. Fans worldwide are really mad about this because they think it's not fair to invade Kim Namjoon's privacy.

It all began on March 1, 2023, when SBS News told everyone that Mr. Yoon, who works at the South Korean railway company Korail, used RM's train reservation info to get RM's personal details many times in the last four years. This included private stuff like RM's phone number and home address.

Mr. Yoon admitted he did it out of curiosity when they found out during an internal check, and in April, he lost his job. But unexpectedly, he got his job back and was paid for the time he didn't work after a retrial. The Korea Railroad Corporation said they followed what the Central Labour Relations Commission decided.

Fans are mad because they think Mr. Yoon broke RM's privacy. According to SBS News, Mr. Yoon, who wasn't allowed to check passenger info, even gave RM's personal data to someone else to get a seat next to the famous person. The Central Labour Relations Commission said firing Mr. Yoon was unfair, even though what he did was serious.

The commission said that news about RM's data being looked at without permission affected the decision to fire Mr. Yoon. They said RM's fame had a bigger impact on firing him than what he actually did wrong. They also said it wasn't fair to fire Mr. Yoon because the railway company never fired someone before for breaking the Personal Information Protection Act.

Fans showed they were unhappy on social media when they heard Mr. Yoon got his job back. Many said that even if you're famous, you should still face consequences if you do something wrong. On different internet places, people called for changes in Korean laws to make sure there are serious consequences for invading someone's privacy.

In the end, fans are really not happy that Mr. Yoon is back at work, and this shows they think the justice system needs to change to punish people more for invading others' privacy.

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