Can someone be humble this much? BTS fans are questioning


BTS Golden Maknae, Jungkook recently revealed a surprising story behind an apparently simple yet crucial item in the "Beyond the Stage" documentary photobook, which has captivated BTS fans worldwide.

Among the most treasured items, Jungkook's watch takes centre stage and represents thankfulness and humility.

When asked where the wristwatch came from, the young artist simply said, I got it while I was picking out a watch for my parents." However, what truly tugged at the heartstrings of ARMYs was Jungkook's modest acknowledgment: "Of course, you could say ARMY actually bought this for me.” 

In a society where material belongings frequently speak louder than words, fans find great humility in Jungkook's acknowledgement that the watch was actually a gift from ARMY, despite his own purchase of it. The relationship between BTS and their devoted fans is strengthened by his acknowledgement of the fan's contribution to his life and career.

Jungkook continued on to talk about the reasoning behind his decision to contribute the wristwatch to the photobook. He revealed, "I gave it a lot of thought as to what to bring. I considered anything musical, but I couldn't come up with anything eye-catching because I don't play an instrument." Those who appreciate him are only made to love him more by his self-awareness and vulnerability.

Unexpectedly, Jungkook chose to release a physical version of his most recent solo song, "My Time," which is included on BTS's album. "I recently released a solo track in our album called 'My Time,' and it's a reflection of the time I'm living," he said. So, I brought it along." This choice not only gives fans a peek into his creative process but also emphasizes the personal connection he shares with his music.

ARMYs took to social media to express their admiration for Jungkook's humility. Messages flooded in, praising him for remaining grounded despite the immense success and fame that BTS has achieved globally. The acknowledgment that the wristwatch is, in a way, a gift from ARMYs left fans feeling appreciated and connected on a deeper level.

In an act of humility and appreciation that is both simple and heartfelt, Jungkook reminds fans that despite their fame, BTS members are still grounded and grateful for their fan base's persistent support. This simple revelation, which ARMYs are still celebrating, is evidence of the sincere and mutual affection that characterises the bond between BTS and their fan base.

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