Who's on Hiatus? Unveiling the Mystery Behind BTS's 'Butter' Breaking the Internet with 1.2 Billion Streams


BTS's hit song "Butter" just hit a major milestone with over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. This achievement, reached on December 28, 2023, follows the success of their previous hit, "Dynamite," making it their second song to achieve such a feat.

The song's popularity isn't limited to Spotify; it's also close to hitting 1 billion views on YouTube. Fans, known as the ARMY, are celebrating this accomplishment, with one fan expressing their congratulations on Twitter using a clever play on the song's lyrics.

Released on May 21, 2021, "Butter" became a cultural sensation with its catchy beats, lively dance moves, and the charm of BTS members. Its success isn't just on traditional charts but is also reflected in the massive number of streams on platforms like Spotify.

BTS now joins an exclusive group of artists, including The Weeknd, Eminem, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Ed Sheeran, whose songs have surpassed 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. The song's broad appeal, combining catchy tunes with BTS's unique style, has made it a favorite not only for the ARMY but also for listeners across different music genres.

Among BTS's songs, "Butter" is the third to achieve this milestone, following "Dynamite" and Jungkook's solo track, "Seven." Fans acknowledge the significance of this achievement and its impact on the music scene.

As "Butter" continues to dominate streaming platforms, it cements BTS's status as a global phenomenon with a lasting impact on music. In the age of streaming, "Butter" represents not only numerical success but also a cultural touchstone, demonstrating how music resonates with people worldwide.


Even as BTS members fulfill their military duties, fans remain devoted, ensuring that both lesser-known and popular songs continue to rise in popularity, underscoring the group's influence in the music industry.

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