Fans Urge BIGHIT Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against Those Putting BTS at Risk

In a recent announcement on Weverse, BIGHIT MUSIC, the company managing BTS opened up about their ongoing fight against malicious activities aimed at their artists. The notice detailed various legal actions taken in response to defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and the spread of false information targeting BTS.

The notice shared that BIGHIT MUSIC has been actively filing criminal complaints with law enforcement, using evidence from both fans and their own monitoring. One notable success was the prosecution's action against an individual accused of violating the Act on Punishment of Crime of Stalking. Due to the seriousness of these threats to artists' safety and privacy, the company has also pushed for stricter penalties in such cases.

Additionally, the notice discussed an individual who previously impersonated a BTS member and leaked unreleased music. This impersonator is now facing multiple criminal charges, with the trial awaiting the court's decision. BIGHIT MUSIC emphasized its strong stance against artist impersonation and its commitment to pursuing legal action to the fullest extent.

Concerning malicious rumors, the company compiled numerous instances of false information and defamation in their complaints. They stressed a zero-tolerance policy, actively seeking legal action in both civil and criminal proceedings against those responsible for spreading harmful rumors.

The notice also touched on an ongoing investigation involving an individual repeatedly posting false information and defamatory comments on platforms like NatePann and Naver. Despite the person suggesting a settlement, BIGHIT MUSIC made it clear they intend to pursue legal accountability without compromise.

BIGHIT MUSIC reassured fans that they consistently collect information on malicious postings, report them to the authorities, and take legal action. The company emphasized their commitment to continuing these efforts without interruption, even during BTS members' military service. Their strict measures, no-settlement policy, and refusal to show leniency underscore their determination to hold those responsible accountable.

Notice From BigHit :

Following the notice's publication, fans took to the internet to express their gratitude for BIGHIT MUSIC's dedication to protecting the rights of BTS. The firm stance against hate comments and criticism resonated strongly with the fan community.

BIGHIT MUSIC's ongoing commitment to taking legal action against harmful activities reflects their dedication to ensuring the well-being, safety, and reputation of BTS. The company's proactive approach and transparent communication with fans build trust and confidence within the fan community. As fans eagerly await updates on legal proceedings, BIGHIT MUSIC's stance sends a clear message that the agency will not compromise on the safety and well-being of their artists.

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