"A Musical Hug from Jimin: 'Closer Than This' Keeps the BTS-ARMY Connection

Before 2023 year ends BTS fans received one of the best gift from Park Jimin. As we already aware BTS members are now in military camps to complete their mandatory military trainings. However, members has prepared many contents before they leave for their fans (Army) to enjoy while they are not inactive. 

On December 22 Jimin, released a new song called “Closer than this”. May fans stated that this is early christmas gift for them from jimin. The song is written for BTS fans letting them know that even they were separated for a while, bts members always be there for their fans no matter how far they are in. This song is poignant reminder of jimmies unwavering connection with the ARMY, even as he embarks on his military service. 

The song recorded and filmed before Jimin’s enlistment. This song music video and the lyrics are too personal to BTS and ARMY because this song shared memories and emotions between BTS and their devoted fans. The accompanying music video takes us on a nostalgic journey, featuring precious clips from the groups debut era 2013 to their last concert before their hiatus in 2021. 

The song 'Closer Than This' reflects the feelings of a journey shared, and its words strike a deep chord. Jimin thinks back on their bashful and uncomfortable beginnings, their shared sobs and consoling actions, and their unbreakable relationship that has developed over time. The song masterfully conveys the spirit of the BTS-ARMY bond, highlighting the notion that despite their physical separation, they are inherently linked.

Jimin remembers the times spent in the rain and snow in a very moving lyric, highlighting the value of shared experiences. It's evidence of the profound effect BTS's music has had on listeners all across the world, transforming everyday experiences into treasured memories.

A lot may be learned about Jimin's promise to the Army from the pre-chorus and chorus. He tells fans that he will always be there for them when they need him, even though they are temporarily apart. The song's lyrics exude hope, asking listeners to think that this is simply a temporary hiatus before a lively reunion—just like a little comma in their tale.

The song's bridge vividly describes a scene in the future as Jimin knocks on the door with everyone's hearts in unison. It's an impassioned cry for followers to hold onto hope, promising them that he will return. This idea is echoed in the outro, which invites listeners to join in on the song's chorus, resulting in a shared experience that will reunite them.

As a dedicated fan of BTS and Jimin, listening to 'Closer Than This' is a profoundly emotional experience. The journey of BTS is featured in the music video, which gives the song a more painful touch and transforms it into a visual journal of the group's growth and success. 

'Closer Than This', in summary, is more than simply a song—it's a pledge, a comfort, and an acknowledging of the strong relationship that BTS and ARMY have shared for a long time. This musical present serves as a heartbreaking reminder that, despite their distance from one another, the bond between BTS and ARMY remains ageless and "Closer Than This," as we eagerly await Jimin's return from military service.

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