BIBI's Call for Understanding after mentioned Jungkook and RM names in an interview


On December 29, 2023, BIBI chatted with Glamour magazine, and her talk about having RM and Jungkook from BTS in her contacts got everyone talking. Fans hoped for a cool collab, but something unexpected happened – ARMY, the BTS fandom, seemed a bit worried.

In the interview, BIBI mentioned, "RM, I guess? I don't know, maybe he changed his number. We're not that close. So yeah, maybe RM and Jungkook, I guess. I'm not close with them. I just got to know their phone numbers." This quickly went viral, and fans were buzzing about a potential music mix.

Realizing that she might stir things up, BIBI added, "Hey ARMY, don't get mad! I didn't mean any harm. We're just kinda friends. I mean, it might look weird... But I wanted to spill the beans so no one gets mad. ARMY, are we cool? I love you, I love you, I love you too. You love me, right? I trust you."


The video spread everywhere on social media, and fans were super excited about the idea of BIBI teaming up with BTS. Strangely, despite having their numbers, no official collab news came out.

Twitter became a hub for fans sharing their excitement, hoping for a music mashup between BIBI, RM, and Jungkook. Some fans pointed out that it's a bit sad to see female artists feeling unsure about being friends or working with BTS because they fear criticism from ARMY.


This whole thing showed that fans really want more teamwork in the music world. It also highlighted the tough spot artists, especially female ones, can find themselves in when thinking about working with super popular groups like BTS.

BIBI's message asking ARMY to understand and assuring them that no harm was meant opened up a chat about how fans can impact artists' choices. It made people think about how fans can create a supportive space where artists feel free to try out new things without worrying about backlash.


In the end, the viral interview not only left fans excited about a possible music mix but also sparked important talks about the need for a friendly and open vibe in fan groups. It's like saying, "Let's cheer for our faves and welcome new friends without any drama!"


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