K-Media praised what Jin had done when his fellow members enlisted


On December 11th, RM and V quietly started their military service in Korea. All BTS members, including Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, who are already in the military, supported and said goodbye to them.

Jin was the first to go to the military in December 2022, followed by J-Hope and Suga. We expect all BTS members to finish their service and come back together by June 2025.

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, is winning hearts in the military with his caring and playful personality, especially when it comes to supporting his younger bandmates during their enlistments.

Even though military vacations are precious and limited, both Jin and J-Hope chose to spend their valuable breaks supporting their fellow members during enlistment. This selfless act has earned praise from both Korean media and netizens.

Jin, who is currently serving as an assistant drill instructor at the 5th infantry division, stands out as a sergeant with an early promotion, showing his exemplary performance in the military. Using his vacation time to bid farewell to his younger members reflects his deep care for others.

ChanelA, a media outlet, highlighted Jin's commitment, saying that soldiers' vacations are almost like a matter of life, and using that time to say goodbye to enlisting members is a significant gesture. Jin's early promotion is recognized as proof of his dedication and good performance in the military.

Known for his playful side, Jin took to Weverse to playfully tease his fellow members after the enlistment news was made public. As the one with more experience in the military, he welcomed RM and V with humor, asking if it was their first time in the military and sharing a playful comment about his own challenging experience during enlistment.

During his birthday thoughts on December 4th, Jin expressed his emotions about his bandmates' upcoming enlistments, saying, "1 year has passed since I joined the military. And my bandmates are enlisting soon. My eyes are blurry with tears." However, true to his playful nature, he added a series of laughter emojis, earning him the affectionate nickname of '' bomber due to his frequent use of '' (Korean for laughter) in enlistment-related posts.

Jin's humorous approach extends to interactions with other members as well. When J-Hope cheerfully shared his enlistment news with a "Don't worry" message, Jin responded with 'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,' prompting a playful exchange. When Jimin joined the conversation, Jin continued the banter, showcasing a light-hearted camaraderie with his fellow members.

This series of playful and caring interactions highlights Jin's warm personality and his ability to bring a sense of humor even in serious situations. Fans and netizens alike have been charmed by Jin's genuine and caring nature, appreciating how he navigates military life with a balance of sincerity and lightheartedness.

Jin shared a photo on Instagram with RM and V and told them to stay safe and come back soon.

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