V's Stylish Farewell: Ahead of Military Service, Even in a Buzzcut, BTS's V Remains the Most Handsome Man in the World

On December 10th, Kim Taehyung, or V from BTS, surprised everyone on Instagram by revealing his shaved head just a day before he starts his mandatory military service. In a bunch of photos, he rocked a buzzcut and looked incredibly stylish in an orange leather jacket, a blue neck scarf, and cool shades. He captioned one of the pics with "D-1," counting down to his enlistment.

In another photo, Taehyung fulfilled a personal dream, trying out the "shaved head with shades" look. He seemed pretty happy with how it turned out, saying, "It was my dream: sunglasses with a shaved head… I wanted to try it out someday. It turned out well ✌️." 

In the additional photos, he was captured holding a goodbye cake adorned with a ribbon around his head, a thoughtful gesture from the CELINE team, of which he proudly serves as a global ambassador.

The cake had an encouraging message, "WE! WILL! WAIT! FOR! YOU! Kim Celine, Borahae," along with various photos of Taehyung in CELINE outfits from different events. Taehyung, along with RM, is all set to start basic training at the New Recruit Training Center in Nonsan on December 11, followed by 18 months of active-duty service.

One notable thing is Taehyung's application to the Special Task Force of the Army Capital Defense Command, or the Special Duty Team (SDT), which has been causing quite a buzz in the past couple of weeks.

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